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At a Crossroads: Evolving as an Artist

September 3 - At a Crossroads: Evolving as an Artist - 9/3  - 1:00 - 4:00p.m.

– taught by Kathleen Kastles

  Class & Kit Fee - $60.00

  • Have you found your artistic voice, but can no longer hear it above the crowd

  • Do you think you have you taken your artwork as far as it can go?

  • Are you at a crossroads, tired of making the same sort of quilts, but unsure of the next step?

  • Do you have the urge to try different techniques, to add new elements or ways of working to your fabric art?

  • Has your work gotten stale, or is boring to you, so that you want to explore a different sort of creative expression?

Daydreaming by Kathleen Kastles

If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, you may be an artist in a rut, or you may have hit a brick wall.

This class is for the artist who has the urge to try something new in one's art, perhaps work with different materials add different sorts of elements, and take that art to a new level.

Is THIS your time? You are 'worth it'! Invest in yourself and try something new—and gain confidence in your ability to move from being stuck to transforming your work into something amazing!

This class is for the artist who has the courage to take her or his art to a new level.

If you know your visual voice and are comfortable with your style of artistic expression, but are tired of making the same quilts over and over, this class is for you. You will come away with an infusion of confidence, so that when you encounter problems, you will be inspired to work through to the solutions.

At Create on Maui, you will play with many new materials & techniques, experiment with new colors, and discover new results. Your creativity will get a boost of energy. Some techniques will really speak to you and you will develop expertise with them, adding some of them to your artwork. Perhaps you are ready to branch out and create an entirely new sort of art uniquely your own.

Musings by Kathleen Kastles

Please bring (or submit via .jpg) photographs of your work to facilitate Kathleen in helping you in your journey.